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Moritaka Gyutou Chef Knife (8.3" / 210mm)

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Moritaka Gyutou Chef Knife (8.3 inch / 210 mm)

All the knives we carry, from all the brands, are phenomenal knives.  But, we can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are to be one of the few retailers in the world to offer Moritaka.  These knives are fitting for the true aficionado.

The blade is made of Aogami #2 Blue Steel (Rockwell hardness of HRC61-63), one of the purest carbon steels available for knife making, and will take and hold an unbelievably sharp edge.  The finish is kuro-uchi (black) with a lacquer coating -- this helps protect the steel and should not be polished off.  The edge, unlike traditional single-bevel Japanese knives is a 50-50 double-edge making it much easier to keep sharp using some commonly available sharpening systems. Moritaka grinds the edge to a very acute angle - about 10 degrees (5 degrees per side!) The Blue steel blade is forged to a stainless steel tang, which is then inserted into a beautiful rosewood handle.  The rosewood will outlast lighter magnolia wood usually used on Japanese knives.  And the forging to a stainless tang means no rusting from the inside causing the handle to come loose (a problem with traditional Japanese knives).  Let us tell you… these knives are sharp and stay sharp!!!  

The Gyuto 210mm Knife is used as you would use a chef's knife - only on a smaller scale. Perfect for smaller hands or intricate tasks.

Owning a Moritaka knife is being part of history.  Moritaka Cutlery was founded in 1293 during the Kamakura Period by Kongohyoe Minamoto no Moritaka, who was the head swordsmith for the Buddhist priests at Mt. Homan in Dazaifu, Fukuoka. His descendants then followed in his footsteps in the same city for 13 generations. In 1632, the family followed Higo Daimyo Mitsunari Hosokawa (the feudal ruler of the Higo region) and moved to Miyaji-machi, Yatsushiro City in Kumamoto. For another 13 generations in this city, they forged swords for the Buddhist armies, the Daimyo's army, and also the Daimyo himself. Kongohyoue's swords were very unique because they were made and used to help attain Buddhahood. Five generations ago, master swordsmith Chuzaemon Moritaka decided to expand and apply their experience into making kitchen knives. Moritaka Cutlery has a history of over 700 years. The knife that you purchase is forged with skills and knowledge developed and accumulated generation by generation.

Today, your knives are being forged by the 26th, 27th, and 28th swordsmith.  Takuzo Moritaka (the master and 26th swordsmith) is still there but about to retire, while his two sons – Tsunehiro Moritaka (27th swordsmith) and his younger brother Teruhiro Moritaka (28th swordsmith) continue on the family tradition.  There is no assembly line at this factory – just artists at work.  And we have imported these knives directly from the Moritaka family.

Made in Japan.




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